We Need Your Favorite Recipes!

Hope for BraveHEARTS is excited to partner with Ethin's Heart Still Beats to offer a new cookbook, Recipes from the Heart.  We are looking for favorite tried-and-true recipes from heart friends and families from all over to include in our cookbook. If you're interested in submitting a recipe (or a few),
send it to bravehearts@hopeforbravehearts.org.  If you would like to include your heart friend/family member and their diagnosis with your recipe, please feel to do so.  (Ex: Shannon, mommy to Derrick, single ventricle, dextrocardia)

We will be pre-ordering the cookbooks soon, so check back periodically for more info.  The anticipated arrival date for the cookbooks is February, 2011. Just in time for CHD awareness week.

Dig out those yummy recipes and send them to us!